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By | May 28, 2021

As we already know that Bing has provided many varied quizzes that allow users to play them and that’s what we always discuss. Bing itself is presenting quizzes based on what’s currently trending. So, users can take quizzes based on their interests.

In this discussion, we will discuss Bing Art Quiz and share some examples of Bing quiz related to Art. When discussing art, of course our brains will not be far away from something beautiful with high creativity, whether it’s about painting, sculpture and architecture. As explained by Wikipedia, Art is a variety of human activities in creating visuals, expressing imagination to something amazing, technical skills and also conceptual ideas. Apart from that, art can also express emotions and become works of beauty. The three main branches of classical art are sculpture, architecture and painting.Bing Art Quiz

If you normally use Bing to search for information and read news, this time you can find quizzes very easily. This is Bing’s way of providing a bit of information and education to its users, so that everyone can learn something new every day. If you like art you can take the quiz to test your knowledge, and of course if you can complete all the quizzes given by bing you will be rewarded.

Bing Art Quiz questions

Check out the sample questions below so you can prepare for the quiz! There are a few questions about Bing Art Quiz have a look so you can get an idea:

Which of the following are paints made of pigments and plastics?

a. Acrylic
b. Tempera
c. Acetone
d. Gesso

Who designed the Veterans Memorial in Vietnam?

a. Henri Matisse
b. Frank Lloyd Wright
c. Maya Lin
d. Frank Gehry

What is the symbol of Venus of Brassempouy?

a. Female head
b. Parents
c. Human figure
d. Angel

What animals are often used to symbolize peace in art?

a. duck
b. dove
c. Dog
d. Deer

What is the name of the Architect who founded the Bauhaus design school?

a. Frank Gehry
b. Walter Gropius
c. I.M. Pei
d. Frank Lloyd Wright

What material did the early photographers make of their own?

a. Peper
b. Glass
c. Stone
d. Plastic

There is an artistic movement and which artistic movement is Paul Gauguin’s The Yellow Christ?

a. Fauvism
b. cloisonnism
c. Impressionism
d. Bauhaus

What was designed by I.M. Pei outside the Louvre in Paris?

A. Monument
b. Ziggurat
c. Sarcophagus
d. Pyramid

Such is an example of a Bing art quiz that you can follow and can digest to increase your knowledge of art so that when you follow the Bing Art Quiz you have a picture. You can find the Quiz at

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