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By | September 2, 2021

Bing Athens Quiz – This time we are going to talk about a feature that was recently launched by Bing, did you know about it or have you even played it? Yes, this is Quiz Bing. Lots of people play this quiz, many say they play this every time in their spare time and some even spend all the time playing this quiz, because not only will it increase your knowledge, but you will also get points if you manage to answer all questions given by Bing. This time we will discuss about Bing Athens Quiz, If you really like Athens and you think you know a lot about this city, you should try taking the Athens quiz on Bing so you can gauge how well you know about this city. On the Bing homepage, there are possible questions or quizzes related to Athens and you can find them on the Quiz Homepage and News quiz.

What’s Bing Athens Quiz?

Athens is known and famous as a place of gods and goddesses. Actually the name Athena is not surprising because the name Athena originated from a Greek goddess named Athena. Everything about this place is very interesting, lots of important stories. Many people are interested in this city. So far are you also interested in Athena?Bing Athens Quiz

Question of the Bing Athens Quiz

Before taking the real quiz on Athens on Bing, below are questions about the city. This is so that you are ready for the real quiz later.

1. What is the name of the most famous temple mountain in Athens?

a. Acropolis
b. Plate Mountain
c. Philosopher’s Hill

2. In Athens there is a very tall building, what is the name of that building?

a. Athens Tower
b. Parthenon
c. National Bank of Greece

3. In what year did the first modern Olympics in Athens take place?

a. AD 1896
b. 1500 M
c. 504 BC

4. What was the name of one of Theseus’ great ancestors?

a. Eurystheus
b. Pelops
c. Achilles
d. Hector
e. Agamemnon

5. There is a body of water that separates the Greek peninsula from Asia Minor, what is the name of that water?

a. Ionian Sea
b. Black Sea
c. Aegean Sea
d. mediterranean sea

6. What is the name of the highest point of the Acropolis?

a. Athenas Altar
b. Parthenon
c. Temple of Athena Nike

7. What is the name of the ancient goddess who gave the name of the Greek capital?

a. Athens
b. Artemis
c. aphrodite

8. In what year did the first modern Olympics take place at the Panathenaic Stadium, Athens?

a. 1936
b. 1900
c. 1896

9. How many residents does Athens have at this time?

a. About 1.5 million
b. About 3.5 million
c. About 5 million

10. What is the most popular and well-known thing on the Greek mesedes appetizer plate?

a. Gyros with french fries
b. Souvlaki with french fries
c. Tzatziki, peppers, tomatoes, feta

11. Who was the person who led Athens in its golden age as the center of Ancient Greek civilization?

a. Plato
b. Homer
c. Perikel
d. Odysseus
e. Alexander the Great

12. What activities did most men in Ancient Athens do on a daily basis?

a. Raising their children
b. Go out to socialize
c. Supervise plants and do other work

It was a question about Bing Athens Quiz, all you have to do now is find the right answer. If your knowledge of Athena is very broad, we challenge you to try this Quiz. Hope you have some insight and are ready to try the real quiz later. If you have a topic, you can contribute via the comments column.

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