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By | November 25, 2021

Bing Beach Quiz – This time we are going to talk about a feature that has just been launched by Bing, do you know about it or have you ever played it? Yes, this is Bing Quiz. Lots of people play this quiz, a lot of people say that they enjoy it and play it all the time in their spare time and some even spend all their time playing this quiz, because in addition to increasing your knowledge, you will also get points if you manage to answer all questions given by Bing. This time we will discuss about ” Bing Beach Quiz ” If you are a beach lover you must know about the beautiful beaches around the world and I am sure you will really like this quiz. You should try to take the Beach quiz on Bing so you can measure how well you know or know the beautiful beaches around the world. On the Bing homepage, there are possible beach-related questions or quizzes and you can find them on the Bing Homepage Quiz and Bing Trends Quiz.Bing Beach Quiz

What’s Bing Beach Quiz?

Bing Beach Quiz is a quiz that contains about beaches in parts of the world as we know that the beach is one of the tourist attractions that never escapes the visits of local and foreign tourists. The charm of the beach is said to be able to refresh the mind and heart when you want to get out of fatigue by seeing the beauty on offer and the stunning panorama will provide a special experience and will certainly be memorable.

Question of the Bing Beach Quiz

Before you take the real Bing Beach Quiz quiz, below are beach questions. This is to get you ready for the actual quiz later.

The title of the most beautiful beach that has just been crowned belongs to what beach?

a. Grace Bay Beach
b. Koh Rong . Beach
c. Nacpan Beach
d. kute beach

Where is Anse Lazio Beach which was once crowned the most beautiful beach in the world?

a. Hawaii
b. Bali
c. Madagascar
d. Philippines

Maldives has a very beautiful beach with fine white sand and this beach has an area of about 5km, what is the name of the beach?

a. West Bay Beach
b. Playa del Amor . Beach
c. Navagio Beach
d. Sun Island

The beach is filled with small stones and glass that is always decorated with waves crashing and this beach has become one of the unique beaches in the world located in California, what is the name of the beach?

a. Pandawa beach
b. West Bay Beach
c. Navagio Beach
d. Glass Beach

The country that has the longest coastline in the world with a coastline length of 202,800 kilometers and has amazing natural beauty is which country?

a. US
b. Australia
c. Canada
d. Philippines

That is a question about Bing Beach Quiz, all you have to do now is find the right answer. If your knowledge of Beach is very broad, we challenge you to try this Quiz and get a lot of points. If you have a topic or question you can contribute via the comments column that we have provided.

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