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By | November 11, 2021

Bing Culture Quiz – In this article we are going to talk about a feature that has just been launched by Bing, do you know about it or have you ever played it? Yes, this is Bing Quiz. Lots of people play this quiz, many say that they play it all the time in their spare time and some even spend the whole time playing this quiz, in addition to increasing your knowledge, you will also get points if you manage to answer all of them. question posed by Bing. This time we will discuss about “Bing Culture Quiz”, If you really like about culture around the world you should try taking the Culture quiz on Bing so you can measure how well you know about culture.Bing Culture Quiz

What’s Bing Culture Quiz?

Bing Culture Quiz is a quiz that contains about Culture in various parts of the world. It will test or hone your knowledge of the culture and traditions of different countries. I’m sure you will have a lot of knowledge that you didn’t know before.

Question the Bing Culture Quiz

Before you take the Bing Culture Quiz quiz, below are questions about the Culture Quiz that you can find answers to. This is to get you ready for the actual quiz later.

1. Jaktogos is a name that is quite familiar and went on sale in 2013. What is Jaktogos?

A. Hot potato snack served with cheese + chili and has become popular in Mexico
B. A raincoat that tourists can freely purchase from vending machines on the London Underground
C. A closed jacket with pockets that allow passengers to pack everything into their coats
D. Fashionable look made of plastic poncho originating from Tokyo Japan

2. What moves India is taking when fighting climate change in its country are:

A. Prohibit people from air travel between cities by electric train service.
B. Develop cows that are less flatulence.
C. Planting a very large rainforest in the state of Kerala.
D. Build a huge wall along the Arabian Sea.

3. In 1976, Saigon changed its name to?

A. Ho Chi Minh City
C. Saigon City
D. Hanoi

4. A snack called kit Kat available in Japan comes in more than 300 varieties. Which of the following flavors are not available?

A. Raw fish.
B. Wasabi.
C. Sake.
D. Purple sweet potato.
5. There is a country that has a very high waterfall, in which country is the waterfall located?

A. America
B. Japan
D. Uganda

6. Every Sunday in Senegal is the day people wash in the Atlantic Ocean, what do people wash?

A. A precious family heirloom.
B. Taxis, mopeds and bicycles.
C. Ingredients for the dinner.
D. Livestock, such as sheep and horses.

7. Persepolis FC is a football club from which country?

A. Turkey
B. Greece
C. Iran
D. Egypt

8. Apart from persons and companies, what entities may enjoy legal entity status in the State of New Zealand:

A. Dogs, cats and kiwis.
B. Certain natural features, such as parks.
C. Any certified Maori artwork was created before 1850.
D. Elves and hobbits, in honor of the “Lord of the Rings” series which was filmed in New Zealand.

9. In which states of the United States will you find these rock formations?

A. Arizona
B. Utah
C. Colorado
D. New Mexico

10. There is a country that has a natural gas pit dubbed ‘Hell’s Door’ which has been burning since 1971, which country is it?

A. Turkmenistan
B. Azerbaijan
C. Bulgaria
D. Iceland

That is a question about Bing Culture Quiz, all you have to do now is find the answer, we hope that you are ready to take the real quiz and get lots of points. If you have a topic or problem please contribute, thank you for visiting our website.

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