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By | March 19, 2021

In this discussion, we will discuss the Bing Daily Quiz? Several surveys show that currently the most popular content is quizzes. And the quiz that is currently popular is the quiz provided by Bing. Now you can take different types of tests with Bing Daily Quizzes and you can learn more about different subjects. The quiz is short, simple, challenging and very entertaining, and you can also find relevant or interesting information in this quiz, when you take the quiz your insight will broaden.

For those who don’t know, Bing was released on June 1, 2009. Bing is a search engine site that has replaced Live Search. Bing is the second largest search engine in the US with a query volume of 20.9% as of November 2015, and for sure the volume has grown a lot. Why is bing so popular? Bing always provides the latest and interesting news that comes from the world, national and local.Bing Daily Quiz

And Bing has a lot of features. Among these are interface features, media features, local info, instant answers, third party integration. Translators and many others. And a cool and currently popular feature is the quiz feature. And if you’re curious to give it a try when you visit Bing, on the Bing homepage you’ll see a graduation cap icon that leads to a three-question quiz. This is a daily Bing quiz offered by Bing to both Bing visitors and users.

How do I take the Daily Quiz?

If you are interested in playing the daily quiz, we will give you the steps you need to take so that you can take the daily quiz. First, you have to go to Then, the first page of Bing will display an icon with a scholastic hat on it. And you have to click on the icon. And then you will see daily quiz questions. The quiz contains short questions with 3 choices. Come on, try playing the quiz and be the winner, because if you succeed in answering you will get a score and an award, but on the condition that you have to complete the three-question quiz and answer correctly.

And if you want to take another question, you can return to the main page then change the question in the little side arrow that’s at the bottom of the page. And the background will change and other questions will come out. This way you can take another.

You need to know that if you are a member of Microsoft, you can get points for every correct answer you get, so keep playing, have fun, answer each quiz correctly and get all the points. If you have a lot of points, your points will not be wasted, you can exchange them for prizes and rewards. Share with others, and have fun with them. You’ll be sure to get something along the way when you take the quiz

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