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By | July 26, 2021

Bing Formula One Quiz: The discussion this time is about the latest features of Bing that can pamper visitors and also give them gifts, do you know what the latest features of Bing are so popular? Yes, it is Bing Quiz. Our topic this time is about Bing Formula One Quiz, this quiz is about formula one, This is a very simple, short, fun and educational quiz that will give you a lot of information and insight about formula one. If you are a fan of formula one you should try taking this quiz.Bing Formula One Quiz

How fast is your Formula One knowledge compared to the speed of a Formula One driver? Are you as fast and smooth as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton? You should immediately take this quiz, before that we have also given you questions about formula one below:

Questions the Bing Formula One Quiz

Below we’ve provided some sample questions about Bing formula One Quiz to give you some insight and you’ll be ready to answer the real questions later. Now, it’s time for you to test your knowledge of Bing Formula One.

Which teams have been around since the Formula One world championship started in 1950?

a. Ferrari
b. Sauber
c. Renault
d. McLaren

What circuit almost took the life of Ferrari driver Niki Lauda in 1976?

a. Ring A1 Cincin
b. Buenos Aires
c. Adelaide
d. Nordschleife

How many times did Formula One witness the first rear-engined car win?

a. 1959
b. 1960
c. 1961
d. 1958

Who won Formula One in 2018?

a. Lewis Hamilton
b. Max Verstappen
c. Alonso
d. Sebastian Vettel

In what year did Bruce McLaren die while testing a McLaren race car?

a. 1970
b. 1971
c. 1972
d. 1973

In what year did Fernando Alonso decide to stop racing in Formula One?

a. End of 2017 season
b. 2018 season start
c. End of season 2018
d. End of season 2019

At which circuit did Michael Schumacher win the championship from 16th to winning the championship on the grid in 1995?

a. Nurburgring
b. silver stone
c. Hockenheim
d. Francochamps Spa Spa

Who has won the most razes in Monaco?

a. Alain Prost
b. Michael Schumacher
c. Graham Hill
d. Ayrton Senna

Which driver finished second to Wolf Racing after Niki Laudra’s Ferrari in the drivers’ championship in 1977?

a. James Hunt
b. Mario Andretti
c. Alan Jones
d. Jody Scheckter

What was the name of the British driver who made his Formula One debut for Williams BMW in 2000?

a. Anthony Davidson
b. Allan McNish
c. Justin Wilson
d. Jenson Button

What is the name of a formula one racer who was once a teammate of a British racer named Jenson Button?

a. Kimi Raikkonen
b. Anthony Davidson
c. Lewis Hamilton
d. Stoffel Vandoorne

How many achievements did Michael Schumacher win the championship?

a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

At what age did Max Verstappen join the Formula One championship?

a. 17
b. 18
c. 19
d. 20

That’s the question about Bing formula one Quiz, all you have to do is find the right answer. Hope you have some insight and are ready for the real Quiz. If you think your knowledge is broad enough to answer the Bing Formula one Quiz, feel free to join and play the Formula one Quiz quiz at Answer all questions correctly and earn Points!

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