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By | February 2, 2022

Bing Garden Quiz – We’re going to talk about something interesting that Bing recently launched, namely Bing Quiz. Many people play this quiz, in addition to increasing knowledge, you will also get points that can be converted into gift cards if you successfully answer the Quiz. Surely you are already familiar with Bing Garden Quiz?

About the Bing Garden Quiz

Gardening is a hobby for most people, talking about gardening and about plants is a very interesting thing, with many species with different characteristics, shapes, colors and qualities.Bing Garden Quiz - Test your knowledge about gardens and plants

How well do you know about Plants? If you are a big fan or hobby gardener, I challenge you to test your knowledge of gardening by taking the Bing Garden Quiz.

Questions of the Bing Garden Quiz

Before you take the real Bing Garden Quiz, below we provide a quiz where you can find the right answer about Bing Garden Quiz.

Which 4 types of plants below are correct?

a. Vegetables, Fruits, Biennials, Annuals
b. Vegetables, Fruits, Annuals, Perennial
c.  Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring
d.  Annual , Biennial , Annual

What is true about soil and gardening below?

a.  Soil doesn’t need to be determined by what plants you choose
b.  Soil is not determined by what plants you choose
c.  Soil is determined by what plants you choose

All of the following are winter crops that come from seeds, except?

a.  Carrot
b.  Peas
c.  Monster
d.  Turnip

Which of the following is an example of a deciduous plant from seed?

a.  Collard
b.  pumpkins
c.  Broccoli
d.  Corn

Which of the following classifications does carrots fit into?

a.  Bulbs
b.  Stalk
c.  Leaf
d.  Root

Which is an example of fruit classification in the answer choices below?

a. Pepper
b. Turnip
c. Ginger
d. Mung beans

I brought water to water the plants. What media is suitable?

a. jug
b. water cans
c. water buffalo
d. glass of water

That’s the quiz I can give about Bing Garden Quiz, all you have to do now is find the right and correct answer. Furthermore, if you want to take a real quiz, all you need to do is first go to the Bing page first. Once you are there, look for the Bing Fun section page, and you will find the quiz section, where you can find Bing Garden Quiz, then Click on it and start Quiz!

Hopefully the article above can be useful for you and can help you, if there is still something you want to ask, please contribute to the comment column that we have provided.

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