Bing Meditation Quiz

By | May 31, 2021

This time we will discuss the Bing Quiz, this time around the question of meditation. You already know that meditation is a practice or activity that aims to clear the mind and give you calm and emotional calm and also help mentally by reducing stress and anxiety and physically. By following this Meditation Quiz you will get a lot of knowledge about meditation that you don’t know yet.Bing Meditation Quiz

You should know that meditation has been practiced for a long time in generous religious traditions and beliefs. Apart from that, and also as part of the path to enlightenment and self-realization. Since the 19th century meditation has spread throughout the world from its origins to other cultures, and it is now frequently practiced in personal life as well as in business. That’s the explanation about meditation, we will provide some sample questions so that you get insights when you want to answer questions later so that you can successfully answer all questions and you will get points or rewards from Microsoft that you can exchange.

Bing Meditation Quiz Example Quetions

Check out some of the examples we provide below about Bing Meditation Quiz:

1. Who was the first to teach about Buddhist meditation.

a. Maitraya
b. Ram
c. Gautama
d. Rajneesh

2. Where was the area during the first Sermon given by the Buddha after enlightenment.

a. Lumbini
b. Varanasi
c. Bodh Gaya
d. Sarnath

3. What language is believed to be the native language that the Buddha used to teach his methods?

a. Hindi
b. Indian
c. Pali
d. Sanskrit

4. Which is translated “to see things as they really are”, what is it called?

a. Rigveda
b. Anapanna
c. Vipassana
d. Therevada

5. Another name meaning of the foundation of liberation by living a righteous and moral life is?

a. Panna
b. Please
c. Prajna
d. Samadhi

6. Is it true or false about meditation on the holy word Om necessary to attain the ultimate goal of liberation?

a. Right?
b. Wrong?

7. The final factor of self-enlightenment is?

a. Serenity
b. Serenity
c. Ecstasy
d. Awareness

Some of the questions above are a list of questions for the Bing Meditation Quiz. Now that you have that viewpoint and it’s time for you to test your knowledge of Meditation by playing the Meditation Quiz.

If you play Bing Meditation Quiz, make sure to answer the questions correctly. After that at the end of the quiz, you will know your score. if you get a high score, you can share it on your social media so your friends will know and you can play together.

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