Bing NBA Quiz – Trivia Quiz about Basketball

By | November 11, 2021

Bing NBA Quiz – In this article we are going to talk about a feature that has just been launched by Bing, do you know about it or have you ever played it? Yes, this is Bing Quiz. Lots of people play this quiz, many say that they play it all the time in their spare time and some even spend all the time playing this quiz, apart from increasing knowledge, you will also get points if you manage to answer all the questions. they. question asked by Bing. This time we will discuss about “Bing NBA Quiz”, If you really like about the sport of NBA Basketball, you should try taking the NBA quiz on Bing so you can gauge how well you know about the NBA.Bing NBA Quiz - Trivia Quiz about Basketball

What’s Bing NBA Quiz?

Bing NBA Quiz is a quiz that will give you a series of questions about the NBA, if you think you have enough knowledge about the NBA, you can definitely answer the questions given by Bing, I’m sure this will give you more knowledge about the NBA that you haven’t seen before. you know.

Question the Bing NBA Quiz

Before you take the Bing NBA quiz, below are questions about the NBA Quiz that you can find answers to. This is to get you ready for the actual quiz later.

1. Who is the winning Team for the 2021 season in the NBA?

A. Lakers
B. Golden State Warrior
C. Chicago Bulls
D. Milwauke Bucks

2. Complete the name of this NBA team: MIAMI ___

A. Sprocket
B. Spark plug
C. Heat
D. Rocket

3. Which of the following is not a player’s position in the NBA?

A. Center
B. Point guard
C. Go small
D. Careless defense

4. Who is the NBA coach who managed to bring the team and won the most championships?

A. Phil Jackson
B. Pat Riley
C. Gregg Popovich
D. River Dok

5. In which city was the Lakers originally based?

A. Detroit, Michigan
B. Minneapolis, Minnesota
C. Rochester, New York

6. In which team did Micheal Jordan work until his retirement?

A. Boston Celtic
B. Broklyn Nets
C. Lakers
D. Chicago Bulls

7. What team does Magic Johnson play in?

A. Celtics
B. Lakers
C. Bull
D. Hot

8. Who looked after Michael Jordan when he made the buzzer against Cleveland in the playoffs in 1989?

A. Bryon Russell
B. Charles Barkley
C. Craig Ehlo

9. In which team is Carmelo Anthony now ( 2021 )?

A. Miami Heat
B. Phoenix Suns
C. Houston Rocket
D. Lakers

10. How long is the regulation NBA game?

A.40 minutes
B.48 minutes
C.60 minutes

That is a question about Bing NBA Quiz, all you have to do now is find the answer, we hope that you are ready to take the real quiz and get lots of points. If you have a topic or problem please contribute, thank you for visiting our website.

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