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By | August 1, 2021

Bing Pirate Quiz: I’m sure you already know the latest features of Bing, or have you played it? Yes it is a Quiz feature. Where you can try to test your knowledge by taking the quiz. This quiz is called the Bing Home quiz. These quizzes are very popular in the US and many people like to take these quizzes. However, this quiz is only available for the US region. If you want to be interested there’s no harm in trying to change your location in the US.

How to take the quiz? Quiz can be found on the Bing homepage. then, you will see the graduation cap icon on the homepage and then you have to hover over it to get the first question. But now, the icon changes to a Q icon and you can find it if you hover over the home wallpaper. Sometimes the Q icon is not visible.Bing Pirate Quiz

This time we will discuss about Bing Pirate Quiz, If you take a pirate quiz, this quiz contains about pirates, If you don’t know about pirates, below are questions about pirates that you can find answers to, the goal is to You are ready for the real quiz later.

Question the Bing Pirates Quiz

In what century did Pirates Through the Ages (Early History) the first pirates appear around the Aegean?

a. 13m
b. 14m
c. 15m
d. 16m

What is the name of the most famous pirate actor?

a. Brad Pitt
b. Chris Hemworth
c. Jack Sparow
d. Mark Rufallow

What do they drink?

a. Sea water
b. Alcohol
c. Beer
d. Rum

Who is the most terrifying pirate in the Caribbean?

a. Captain Morgan
b. Tom Holland
c. Jack Sparow
d. Wales pritner

What is ‘pirate loot’?

a. Seizing, seizing people’s property
b. Take Drink
c. Take Food
d. Take Out Clothes

How are pirate captains usually chosen?

a. Choose from how much they want to be pirate captains
b. Chosen from the strongest and brave and intelligent
c. Chosen from the oldest
d. Chosen from experienced

What animals do pirates use to bribe officials?

a. Cockatoo
b. Monkey
c. Cat
d. Dog

What is the symbol associated with pirates?

a. Skull and crossbones
b. Weed
c. Skull without crossbones

Those are some quiz questions about pirates and you can study them and find out the correct answer. If you are a Pirate lover and your knowledge of pirates is extensive, you should try taking the quiz.

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