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By | April 15, 2021

Bing Predicts: As we already know that Bing was created to give users or customers the opportunity to search for any topic they want which is available in multiple languages and is known as one of the best searches in the United States. Bing was created by Microsoft in June 2009 as a replacement for Direct Search and Bing provides very accurate and updated results, but to make this search service even better, Microsoft created Bing Predicts back in April 2014.Bing Preditcs

The initial story is that there is a man named Walter Sun, he was the first person who gave suggestions to make Bing predicts in 2014. He is the Development Manager for the Core Rank team at Bing. He noted that the school district was frequently searched before any major weather event was expected in the area. The seekers wanted to know if that would happen. Based on this, Walter Sun concluded that the time and location of major weather events can be predicted accurately without looking at the weather forecast directly.

Then Bing was inspired by the case and tried to use his search data and then deduced the results of the incident. The Voice, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars were the first reality shows on Bing Predicts. In the past, Bing made predictions to turn his attention to the World Cup that had taken place at that time, for the World Cup predictions, Bing also predicted the work of David Rothschild. Bing will predict other events such as political elections and the NBA draft election sequence.

There are many features on Bing. And the Bing features include interface features, media features, local info, instant answers, third party integration, integration with Windows 8, translator and many more. In the past year, Bing launched a new feature. And the question is the Bing quiz which we have explained in our previous article if you have read it. Bing will offer several quizzes to Bing visitors or users to find out how you really know and follow the news or not. If you are a Bing user, let’s put your knowledge to the test by joining the new feature which is the Bing quiz.

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