Bing Taj Mahal Quiz

By | August 9, 2021

Bing Taj Mahal Quiz: This time we will discuss about the latest features of bing that you must know about, namely: Bing Quiz, or have you even played it and you have managed to collect lots of points and prizes? Quiz is indeed an entertainment that can entertain us, it also contains knowledge that you may not have known before and also sharpens our knowledge, lots of people play it during work breaks, when relaxing with friends, when relaxing with family and some even spend his spare time is only to take Bing quizzes. There are many types of quizzes offered by Bing that you can take. These are bing daily quizzes, bing weekly quizzes, bing trending quizzes, bing weekly sports trivia quizzes, bing entertainment quizzes such as film quizzes, food, drinks and many others. Well, now we will discuss about the Bing Taj Mahal.Bing Taj Mahal Quiz

Bing Quiz Taj Mahal is a quiz that contains anything about the Taj Mahal. About the history, location and building. If you know about the Taj Mahal you must take the quiz, below we will provide questions about the Bing Taj Mahal Quiz which aims to make you ready when taking the real quiz later.

Question of Bing Taj Mahal Quiz

Where is the city where the Taj Mahal is located?

a. Ludhiana
b. Thane
c. Nashik
d. Agra

There was an emperor, and that emperor built the taj mahal. Who is the emperor?

a. Jahangir
b. Shah Jahan
c. Akbar
d. Badur

What raw material is the exterior of the Taj Mahal made of?

a. white marble
b. Gray Stone
c. Ivory
d. Gold painted stone

How many years did it take to build the main part of the Taj Mahal?

a. 10
b. 12
c. 14
d. 16

Is the Taj Mahal really one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

a. correct
b. False

At the Taj Mahal there are restrictions that are not allowed to be brought in, which of the following is not it?

a. Water in a water bottle
b. WL
c. Silent camera
d. Food in plastic bags

What is the total area of the Taj Mahal?

a. 22.4 hectares
b. 22.5 hectares
c. 22.6 hectares
d. 22.7 hectares

The above is a question about the Bing Taj mahal Quiz that you must find the answer to correctly, I hope you have a view and are ready to take the real quiz. We suggest that you hurry up to take the quiz and get points if you manage to answer all the questions given by bing.

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