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By | July 15, 2021

Bing Volcanoes Quiz: This time we will discuss about Bing Volcanoes Quiz, which is a quiz that contains Volcanoes, you can try to hone your knowledge about Volcanoes, not only will you get information, but you will also get points that you can exchange into money or cards gift. Volcanoes is a very extraordinary Nature because it is a natural occurrence of the most extraordinary nature of the volcanic eruption. This is an outflow of lava that is either active all the time or dormant, and it’s just one of the ways the planet is showing its power. If you want to know information about volcanoes, you should take the Bing Volcanoes Quiz where you will discover facts you may not have known about them before and you will learn a lot about them.Bing Volcanoes Quiz

Bing will give you various quizzes and you will win points when you complete them. It’s a lot of fun, short and very educational, and if you collect a lot of points, you’ll exchange them for prizes. So, to make all the points, below you’ll take a quick look at the questions and possible answers that we’ll show you next.

Bing Volcanoes Quiz Questions

As we explained above, during this quiz you will find various facts about volcanoes and you will learn a lot from them. Listen and find the right answer to the question below:

Is it true that the number of each hot spot appears under the oceanic plate?

1. That’s right
2. That’s not true

What tools have helped scientists to detect small changes inside volcanoes?

1. Global Positioning System (GPS)
2. Thermal imaging

Where do volcanic events occur?

1. On land
2. At the bottom of the sea
3. Along the equator

Is there a volcano called Mount Rainier in Washington state that has been classified?

1. Inactive
2. Extinct
3. Active

What is the use of seismic data when scientists predict volcanic eruptions?

1. Can help scientists to track the amount of volcanic gas emissions.
2. Can help scientists to track the movement of magma inside active volcanoes.
3. Can help scientists measure the types of gases that have been released at the surface.

There are several Quizzes on some other website pages about this quiz it may also appear in a blank form as in the example below, but we recommend that you take the quiz on

1. Most major explosive eruptions come from: stratovolcanoes?
2. The magma in this volcano is in silica, makes the lava sticky, or viscous?
3. The gas bubbles are ready to shake the thick, sticky magma that is useful for increasing the pressure in the magma chamber?


If you know a lot about volcanoes you will know a lot about them, if you try to take the quiz. This is a short but very educational quiz, so everyone can take it, and earn points, which you can share on your social media.

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