Champagne France Bing Quiz

By | July 16, 2021

Champagne France Bing Quiz: The topic of discussion this time is still about the new feature of bing which is quiz and do you like visiting Bing? If the answer is yes, we are sure you are aware of the new feature of Bing which is Bing quiz. There you will find Bing daily quiz, Bing weekly quiz, Bing education, Bing Movies, trending quiz and much more.Champagne France Bing Quiz

This time we will share one of the latest Bing quizzes that you can try to play. The quiz is called the Champagne France Bing quiz. You may be interested in playing this Champagne France Bing quiz we are sure you will be interested in playing it. If you are interested in playing this quiz, then you can play it now. You can find out how much knowledge you have about Champagne France. And if you finish answering all the questions given by bing, at the end of the quiz, you will be able to get your score which you can share on your social media.

Questions the Champagne France Bing Quiz

Below we have provided some sample questions about Champagne France in order to give you an insight and you will be ready to answer the real questions later. Now, it’s time for you to test your knowledge of Champagne France.

Do you know how much pressure (atm) is in a bottle of Champagne?

a. 4 atm
b. 5 atm
c. 6 atm

What is the name of the Champagne house that produces the very famous Dom Perignon champagne?

a. Lombard and Cie
b. Laurent Perrier
c. Moet and Chandon

Where is Champagne France located?

a. Southern France
b. Eastern France
c. Northern France

Which city can be found that is famous for its Champagne wine region?

a. Bordeaux
b. Reims
c. Montpellier

What is the name of the gas in Champagne that produces bobbles?

a. Carbon monoxide
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Oxygen

In what year was the first Champagne house (Ruinart) founded?

a. 1629
b. 1729
c. 1829

Do you know what the Spanish version of Champagne is called?

a. Spumanti
b. Sect
c. cava

What type of wine is used for the production of Champagne blanc de blancs wine?

a. Pinot Noir
b. Sauvignon Blanc
c. Chardonnay

What is dry Champagne wine called?

a. Seconds
b. Demi Sec
c. Rough

There is a tool that can be used to open a bottle of Champagne, what is the name of the tool?

a. Champagne chainsaw
b. champagne screwdriver
c. Champagne sword

Which country besides France consumes the second most champagne in the world after France?

a. Japan
b. United States of America
c. Great Britain

Do you know the size of the Magnum Champagne bottle?

a. 1.25 liters
b. 1.5 liter
c. 1.75 liters

That’s the question about Champagne France that you must find the right answer. If you think your knowledge is broad enough to answer the Champagne France quiz on Bing, don’t hesitate to join and play the Champagne France quiz on Bing.

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