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By | April 12, 2021

Windows Spotlight Quiz is an excellent service provided by Microsoft for Windows 10 OS. How does it work? Spotlight automatically captures and rotates images on a user-safe display. The images are sourced from Microsoft’s Bing Pictures and are changed regularly every twenty-four hours. Services can help make Safe View for your Windows 10 PC device even more attractive by showing off beautiful, high-quality photos of exotic areas around the world.Windows Spotlight Quiz - Configure the LockScreen

Besides being able to show off exotic photos. Apart from that, it includes helpful tips and tricks for the Windows Operating system that is that it can help make recommendations on user accounts. And you can share fun details about the images. Sometimes, you’ll get a fun quiz that you can take! This is called the Windows Spotlight Quiz.

As we talked about above before, the Windows Spotlight quiz is an excellent quiz feature that you can’t pick because most people will just be presented randomly or it won’t appear every time you log in to your PC. Sometimes, you’ll get trivia questions that are really fun and will earn you points if you manage to answer them. The Windows Spotlight quiz will include multiple choice questions about the day you opened and followed about Windows Spotlight photos. After answering all the questions given, Windows will offer a Bing web search with all kinds of interesting facts about the location. And if you ask how to activate Windows Spotlight, see our article below:

How to Activate Windows Spotlight

Activating Windows Spotlight is very simple. The first thing you need to do is change the screen record. Display of the lock mechanism in your personal configuration. How to? Check out below:

  1. First of all click the Start button.
  2. Then hit the Gear icon on top under Start Options on the Start Food option once it appears.
    Then click Personalization.
  3. In the Personalization menu a menu will appear. In the left navigation menu, just click Safe View.
  4. If so, you will see a drop-down menu under Background. Select Windows Spotlight in the drop-down menu.

If you follow the simple method we have provided above you will definitely have Windows Spotlight activated in the Safe View screen. Every time you change your Computer or the locking mechanism on your PC, you will observe amazing and beautiful pictures from Microsoft. And if you have trouble about how to disable Windows Spotlight, see below:

How to Disable Windows Spotlight

If you want to Disable Windows Spotlight for various reasons or maybe it is not working properly, or you would prefer to have a picture of yourself or a loved one as the background screen of your lock mechanism. Don’t worry, disabling Windows Spotlight is very simple. Stick to the same steps above on how to enable it, but now select Photos or Slideshow in that drop-down container. After selecting one of these options, you can configure which images you want to select, or the number of images if you choose an alternative slideshow, which will be displayed on your Lock Screen on your own PC devices listed under the environment.

That’s all about this tutorial on the Windows Spotlight Quiz Application on a Windows 10/8 / Laptop. Hope it can help you. If you have any questions, you can let us know in the comments section. Thank you for visiting on this site.

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